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Microsoft U-Crew

The Microsoft Student U-Crew program is a commitment of Microsoft to empower students with is last products and devices - Window 8, Microsoft Office, Windows devices and Windows Phone. This program shall be run by students(the actual Student U-Crew) for their fellow students.

 U-Crew's Male members in Workshop
 On campus, I promoted the Windows 8.1 operating system and received  feedback from university students. And i produced promotional posters and videos about Windows 8.

Infographic for Windows 8.
Our design concept, 'HOMO-WINDOWS', means the end OS of modern humans in IT world.

 We want to show the a variety of functions about 'Windows 8'.

Finger(part) -picture password(Feature):Before 'Windows 8', The same lock screen! but .. Now you can enjoy the passwords so stylish with your fingers!

Heart -Live Tiles : A new start screen! Live tiles is moving constantly.

Liver - Defender : 'Windows 8' has a defender. The OS is so safe that does not need another…