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아시아나항공 드림윙즈(Asiana airlines DreamWings)

Image Asiana airlines DreamWings Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back:
a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. - Anais Nin

'Korea' 이름 디자인 ('Korea' Name Design)

Korea Name Design Desinged by KoreaHyun

“K” - Bongsan Talchum
(Talchum could be characterized as a Korean dance performed while wearing a mask, miming, speaking and even sometimes singing. – Referenced by Wikipedia)

“o” - Taegeuk
(Taegeuk refers to the ultimate reality from which all things and values originate and is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters (i.e. Hanja) for T'ai Chi. It is also the symbol that makes up the center of the South Korean Flag.  – Referenced by Wikipedia)

“r” – Hanbando (Hanbando means Korean Peninsula. The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in East Asia. – Referenced by Wikipedia)

“e” - Yuna Kim
(Kim Yu-Na (born September 5, 1990) is a South Korean figure skater. Click If you want to know more about her. – Referenced by Wikipedia)

“a” - The Rose of Sharon
(The Rose of Sharon is regarded as the national flower of Korea.)

This figure means the world. I wanted to express to moving Korea In the world.


Bongsan Talchum1 (http://www.naei…

2012 교회 요람 (2012 Church Manual)

2012 Church Manual (2012 교회 요람)

데빌진 패러디 (Devil Jin Parody)

Actor: Park Jeongyeon(박정연)

GTA 패러디 (GTA Parody Poster)

Actor: CJ(최준영)
준영이형! 멋져부러 ㅋ.ㅋ 다음에도 멋진 작품 만듭시다!

베트맨 패러디 (batman Parody)

Actor: Park Jeongyeon(박정연)

절규 패러디 - The Scream(Edvard Munch) Parody

One person was surprised to see me. Haha :)

롯데월드 이야기 (Lotte World Story)

남자 4명 청년들의 롯데월드 이야기 Lotte World, the story of four people young man
준영 | 승현 | 창민 | 정연 Junyeong | Seunghyun |Changmin | Jeongyeon