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Going to Baguio from Manila in Philippines

I was going to Baguio from Manila by bus.
Manila to Baguio by bus takes seven hours.

It's me in Manila International Airport. Manila was hot too..

The bus i rode.

In the bus, i took out the scenery.

Philippines's Taxi

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.

Going to the Philippines from Incheon, Korea Republic

Philippine Airlines

Date: Dec 07, 2012
From: Seoul Inceon INT, Korea Republic 8:20pm
To: Manila, Philippines 11:30pm TERMINAL 2
Flight: PR 469 / Status: Economy

C4U Junior의 매니저를 맡게되어서 필리핀으로 3개월동안 떠나게 되었다.
처음 해외 업무를 하는 거라 걱정도 되지만, 그보다 더 설레이는 마음이 더 크다.

나는 백팩과 캐리어, 컴퓨터 본체로 구성해서 공항으로 출발했다.
단체로 비행기를 탑승해 25kg 되는 내 짐의 무게는 크게 상관 없었다.